M & J's Anniversary Present

It was getting harder and harder to hold back. “Not yet,” I cried. . .

Further adventures of Mary and Joe: The Anniversary Celebration

I arrived home on the evening of our anniversary. My wife Mary and I have been married for 35 years. In spite of the fact that we are in or fifties, we are both very active physically and sexually.

In fact I think it really could be argued that sex really does get better with age. I wouldn’t say that Mary is obsessive but she does work out regularly and her nude body holds up very well in comparison to much younger women. As nudists and soft swingers, we often have the opportunity to make comparisons and I have to say that Mary, dressed to kill or not dressed at all, is a very hot sight. In the evening, especially in the summer, we often walk around the house nude and very often I am much more interested in eating Mary’s soft juicy pussy than I am in consuming whatever it is we might be making for dinner.

In any case on this particular evening, I came in and noticed a note on the island in the kitchen. It said that I should give Mary a call, get in the car and head for a local motel called Escapade Suites. Dutifully I did as I was told. I called Mary to let her know I was on my way and got in my car and headed to the motel. When I got to the hotel, I went to the front desk and as instructed told the desk clerk who I was. He led me down a long corridor. As I passed one door after another I noticed that every room apparently featured a specific theme. One room was the Elvis Room, another was a Harley Davidson Room, a Hollywood Room, a Penthouse Room, and finally we came to the Champagne Room where I was told to enter.

I knocked quickly and walked in. Even though it was sunny outside, the room was lowly lit. I heard low music and looked around the room. Burning candles were set up around a foamy hot tub and there was a bottle of champagne on ice chilled and ready to be opened. There was a long stemmed rose on the night stand next to the bed. Mary was sipping a glass of wine. Her legs were spread and she had pushed her thong aside and was lightly playing with her clit.

The soft flesh of her leg above the stockings looked very inviting between the straps that held the nylons in place. I went over and kissed her on the lips and then let my finger slip into her wet pussy. It was obvious that she had been waiting for a little while. I didn’t think it was going to take long to bring her to an orgasm. “Not yet,” she said as she got out of bed and helped my get out of my clothes. “First we have to drink some Champagne.” I went over to the champagne bucket and popped the cork. We toasted to 35 years of marriage and then kissed with the taste of champagne on our lips.

We started slowly and then our tongues intertwined as we explored each other’s mouths. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Mary over on her side. I massaged the back of her neck with my fingers and ran my fingers through her closely cropped hair. She was breathing heavily as I slipped my hands inside the bustier to knead her nipples. Her nipples are very sensitive and Mary loves to have me play with them or she often plays with them herself as she is about to orgasm. The bustier was very tight but I managed to pull her breasts above the top and began to kiss and suck her hard nipples.

Mary moaned softly as I worked my way down to her soaking pussy. “I love your pussy,” I said as I pushed the soaking wet red thong that covered the object of my adoration. “I love that you love my pussy,” groaned Mary. She thrust her pelvis upward. I started to lick the sides of her vagina, purposely at first to avoid her swollen clit. I pushed two fingers deeply into her. I could feel contraction inside the walls of her pussy as I pushed hard to the further reaches of her hole. The wet red thong kept sliding back into place so I lifted Mary’s beautiful firm ass and pulled the thong down to her ankles. She pulled up her heels and I slipped the thong over her feet and let it drop on the floor. Then I kissed my way up her shapely legs.

Mary has magnificent legs. It was the first thing I noticed about her when we first met. I do have to admit that I am a leg man. As I got close to Mary’s pussy, it was clear the Mary couldn’t wait much longer. She was busily playing with her clit. I sat up turned around on the bed so that my head was between Mary’s legs. My hard erection was near her head. She stopped playing with her clit and took my erection in her hand and started rubbing it up and down. I knelt down to her pussy and started licking here clit, back and forth in a crisscross motion. I slid two fingers into her pussy and pulled them forward. I let my other hand sit under her buttocks and slide a pussy juice wet finger into her anus. Mary grasped my cock and started to moan. I continued to lick too and pressed the front of her vagina.

I managed to express my love for her pussy one more time and then continued licking even more vigorously than before. Suddenly, Mary’s whole body stiffened. “Don’t stop,” she screamed. “Don’t stop!” “Don’t stop!” I continued and then Mary let out a very load moan. She pushed me away from her clit. “Eat my juices,” she cried. “Eat my Juices!” I buried my face into the hole of her vagina and licked up the wonderfully tasty wetness that was pouring out of her.

Finally Mary let out a sigh and I came up for air. There was a wide wet spot that covered most of the middle of the king size bed. Mary told me to roll over. She jumped on the top of my body, put her legs on each side of my chest and sat on my waiting mouth. “Careful of my clit,” she admonished. She took my cock in to her mouth as I continued to lap her pussy juice. I avoided her still tender ticklish clit as I knew that it was still too sensitive to be ready for further stimulation at the moment.

Mary worked her mouth up and down my hard penis and cupped my balls with her hands. It was getting harder and harder to hold back. “Not yet,” I cried. “I want to cum inside you.” Mary let up and moved down to my shaven balls. “I love your balls,” she moaned as she licked. Then she popped up doggy style and pushed her ass into the air. Both her anus and her pussy were swollen red and wet. She repositioned herself that we could both see ourselves in the mirrors on the side walls over by the Jacuzzi. “Watch yourself fucking me,” Mary cried. “I want you to fuck me.” I slide my cock into her pussy and started to work myself in and out. “Do you want me to fuck you,” I asked. “Fuck me hard,” she cried. She was so wet it was hard to feel the friction. I slapped her ass twice and continued to push. “I want you to cum inside me,” she moaned. “Don’t hold back! Fuck me! I want to feel you inside me! Now!” I pushed harder. I could feel my balls slapping against Mary’s vagina. I could feel the sensation in my cock. I couldn’t hold back. It was intense. I let out a loud moan. I pushed hard and I could feel the cum spurting out into Mary’s accommodating pussy. Mary went limp. Her ass went down. I fell on top of her and then, belly to belly we rolled over and looked at each other. We kissed. I turned around and slid my face once more onto her pussy. My cum was seeping out onto the bed. I sucked on the sperm soaked juice while Mary licked the remnants of my cum off of my now soft cock. I turned back around and we kissed once more tasting each other’s juices. We lay back on the large soft pillows. “We haven’t even tried the hot tub yet,” said Mary.

Part 2

After soaking in the hot tub, it was getting late so we decided to go out to get something to eat. During the time we were in the tub we had heard moans of sexual ecstasy coming from the room next to ours. Hearing this made us both horny but agreed that we wanted to build up an even more intense level of readiness before we consummated our anniversary another time, plus we were ravenous after the energy spent on making love earlier.

Since we had consumed a fair amount of Champagne, we headed for the restaurant across the street so we wouldn’t have to use our car. Just as we opened the door, the door next to ours opened. An attractive couple in their forties left the room. The dark haired woman looked flushed and perhaps a bit embarrassed as we exchanged greetings. Everyone smiled. We had heard them, they had heard us. We all walked through the lobby of the motel out into the bright early evening June sun.

We all started across the street. “Are you going over there to eat,” the man asked? “We are,” I said. “It’s a new place and it is supposed to be good.” Judging from the cars outside, it must be,” said the woman who was dressed in a very short dungaree skirt and a revealing strapless blouse that pushed her breasts above the top. Mary was wearing a very short leather skirt with no underwear. She was also wearing a shirt that barely concealed the fact that she was wearing no bra and her hard nipples poked out the diaphanous material.

Mary bent over to adjust the strap on her sandals and I caught the man sneaking a look at her slightly exposed swollen pussy. As we walked across the street, we introduced ourselves. Lisa and Mike were from Connecticut and were celebrating their twentieth anniversary. Lisa and Mary discovered that they had grown up in neighboring towns, and amused themselves by discussing local Connecticut landmarks and places they had both been to. Mike and I discovered that we had both grown up in New Hampshire and shared an anecdote or two about our upbringings.

Since we were all there to celebrate the occasion with our spouses, I had assumed that we part ways when we got to the restaurant. Upon entering, we learned that there was only one table available and after both couples offering the other the opportunity to go first, the maitre-de suggested that we could all sit together. I looked at Mary. She paused, but opened her hands and said why not. Lisa did the same so we were led to out table. Mary and I sat on one side of the table and Mike and Lisa on the other.

We ordered drinks and looked at the menu. I slipped my hand under the table and slipped my fingers over Mary’s still wet crack. The other two were looking at the menu. When I brought my fingers up, I judicially put my fingers in front of my nose, but Lisa looked up just as I sniffed my fingers. Actually you could smell sex permeating form the table.

Lisa smiled a little uncomfortably but I noticed that Mike’s left hand seemed to be busy under the table. Over the course of the next two hours we discovered that we had a lot in common with this couple and the two ladies consumed a full bottle of wine while Mike and I kept pace drinking Sam Adams. We learned that like us they enjoyed going to nudist resorts and had also spent a vacation at Desire Resort and attended a local meet and greet for swingers. Like us they themselves had never swapped partners and were not at all sure that wanted to. We all agreed that it I was nice to be in an erotically charged atmosphere though.

While we were drinking our last drinks, Mary whispered that cum was dripping out of her pussy and she needed to go to the ladies room. Lisa said she needed to go too. Mike and I made a joke about women never going to the ladies room alone. Both of us took our napkins and wiped the wet area on the neighboring seat. Both women returned back giggling and swaying a bit holding each others arms. Neither one of us is sure we should sit down again,” said Mary. She whispered in my ear that Lisa had had the same problem. We finished our drinks, paid and headed back to the Escapade Suites. Mary and I held hands and Mike and Lisa did the same.

They were staying in the Hollywood Suite and had a full size theater screen. Mike asked if we wanted to watch a movie on the big screen. “You can actually sit in the hot tub and watch the film,” he said. I didn’t know what Mary would say but she turned to me and said that it would be alright for a little while.

We all went into the Hollywood Suite. Lisa opened another bottle of wine and Mike got out two more beers. “We have two movies,” he said. We have a porno film about voyeurs or we can watch /King Kong. /“What the hell, let’s watch the porno movie,” said Lisa. “I want to watch it from the tub.” She stepped out of her skirt and pulled off her shirt. Her big breast flopped out and her large nipples stood out straight. Mary looked at me and said we’re all nudists so I guess we needn’t be shy. She took off her skirt and blouse and got into the tub next to Lisa. I quickly removed my Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Mike did the same and started the flick. Both of our cocks were sticking out hard and straight.

I started to climb into the tub next to Mary. “Stop,” she said. “I can’t resist and she wrapped her mouth around my penis. She licked for a few moments enthusiastically. Following suit, Lisa started playing with Mike’s balls and kissed his cock. Both girls stopped. “I want to see both of you,” said Lisa. “I’ve only had one cock in the past twenty years. Mary laughed and said it was bit longer for her. Mike and I stood there, cocks pointing upwards, as the two women compared our members. Lisa leaned over and put her hand on my cock and balls. “Nice,” she said. Still cupping my balls, Lisa looked at Mary. “Do you want to feel Mike,” Lisa asked? Mary hesitated and then took Mike’s cock and balls into her hands. “Alright you guys get in the tub,” said Lisa.

I climbed in next to Mary and Mike climbed in next to Lisa. Silently we watched the actors performing all imaginable sex acts on the large screen. Mary’s hand was on my cock and I was rubbing her clit hard. She groaned. I could see Lisa’s hand going up and down on Mike’s cock and she moaned as Mike moved stroked her pussy. “I want some of that,” he said and climbed out of the tub. He took Lisa’s hand and took her over to the bed.

The movie was now showing two women enthusiastically eating out a third woman. Mike pushed Lisa on the bed and started eating her out. Mary was working my cock up and down and I could feel how completely swollen her clitoris was. “I want to eat you, too,” I said and took Mary’s hand and led her to the bed. Legs spread, she lay right near Lisa. I went to work on her clit. I could tell she was close. When I opened my eyes, I could see the tuft of hair on above Lisa’s pussy and I could see Mike’s tongue as it lapped Lisa’s soaking wet gaping hole.

Both women were near orgasm as were both Mike and I. I could feel pre-cum seeping out of my penis and was having all I could do to hold back. I was really ready to cum. I looked up and noticed that Mary and Lisa were kissing and then I heard Mary let out a loud moan. “I am cumming! Oh my God, I am cumming. I am really cumming. Mary’s body shook as she continued to scream. She grabbed the sheets. Then I heard Lisa let out a low guttural moan and screamed, “Don’t stop.” “Oh, oh my God,” she screamed. “I am cummmming!!!!!!! Then both women went limp on the bed. “Joe, fuck me,” yelled Mary. “I want your cum in me now.” I stood up and pushed my cock into Mary’s wet cunt. Mike stood up and stuck his into Lisa’s. “I don’t think I can hold off long,” gasped Mike. “I can’t either,” I yelled and thrust into Mary repeatedly until she yelled, “cum now. I want you to cum now.” One more thrust and I was spewing sperm inside Mary’s pussy as I moaned loud enough to wake the dead. “I want to hear you,” yelled Mary. I let out one last moan as I heard Mike groan just as loudly as he delivered his load into his wife.

Momentarily I leaned back and saw two beautiful sex drenched pussies leaking white sperm. I resisted the urge to lick Lisa although I would have loved to. I could sense that Mike felt the same about Mary. Instead I liked the cum out of my wife’s dear pussy and crawled up on the bed, kissed her on the lips and told her how much I loved her. Mike climbed on the bed and cuddled with Lisa. We all lay there in the afterglow, until Lisa finally got up on her elbows and asked if anyone wanted to watch King Kong. The sex film had long since ended.

Without saying anything, Mike got up and put the King Kong DVD into the player. I cuddled with Mary. Jack slide in next to Lisa. The two women looked into each others eyes, sighed contentedly and then each woman kissed their respective husband. We all started to watch King Kong only to awake the next morning with no recollection of the movie. We all got up ran the tub, got in, masturbated our partners, exchanged E-mail addresses and agreed to meet again to do some kayaking and who knows what else.

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