Our First House Party - Part 1

Our First Swinging Session....Almost.
A couple attends their first House Party.

This story takes place a long time ago when you did not have to worry about Aids or the other diseases.


Well it was not exactly our first swinger party experience so let me explain. We had been invited by a friend to a “house party”. He did indicate that it was going to be a swinger’s party and thought maybe we would be interested. Well we talked it over and the wife said she was willing to try it if I was. We had discussed this before and so we decided to go for it. The party was going to be Saturday night which worked out just fine for us. As the day approached we both became excited but apprehensive as well. After all we had never been with another person as we were high school sweethearts. So we decided to go but not to swap the first time hoping we would get invited back in the future.


So on Saturday night we left for the party which was being held at a person home we did not know but we knew some of the people that were going to attend. Well not wanting to be the first there we thought we would be fashionably late. To our surprise so was everyone else as it seemed that everyone pulled in at the same time. There were about 15 couples there. After introductions were made and drinks poured everyone just started to relax and enjoy the conversations. Finally the host announced that it was time to get the show on the road so did anyone have any suggestions. This one couple thought it would be fun draw a number and see whose matched. We explained that for right now since we were new to all of this we just wanted to watch. No one had a problem with this except for a couple of the guys who had been eyeing my wife. So numbers were drawn and couples paired off. There were only two rules that were to be enforced 1. You had to have the number of a person that was not your spouse. 2. That everyone had to stay in the party room.

It did not take long for things to start to heat up as people started getting with their new partner for the night. As this was a very large den there was more than enough room for everyone to spread out a little.

My wife and I started out just sitting and looking at all the action going on around us. We then decided to take a closer look at some of the positions, etc. so we walked around. As we did this we became very close to some of the couples and there the was occasional feel from one of the participants. This felt strangely exciting to both of us so as we continued to walk around we did our share of feeling and touching. Nothing that would be in bad taste or anything.

Finally I looked at my wife and she could tell what was on my mind and just nodded. We both started peeling our clothes off like to teenagers. Once this was done we started out kissing each other and then proceeded to get down to business. My wife loves to have her pussy licked and eaten which I just happen to like to do. As turned on as she was her pussy was very wet and open for my attention. I did not fail in my objective of licking her to her first orgasm of the night. This did not take very long at all. Next she wanted to repay me for my effort so she started licking and sucking my cock. Now my wife loves doing this part but usually does not swallow. To my surprise she brought me to the brink very quickly. I told her that I was about ready to blow so she could take it out of her mouth but to my surprise she just continued to suck. It was not long after the feeling started to build and there was no stopping it. I shot a load at her throat and then another and another. I thought I was never going to stop. Finally after the last load I looked down to see my wife with a big smile and only a little cum on her mouth. She said no matter how hard she tried she could not keep up with me and a little came out.

We decided to take a break at this point and get another drink as were some of the others. No one seemed the least concerned that they were naked. Some of the women to the opportunity to make a trip to the bathroom to clean up as well. (The time period for this was when we were in our 20’s and before HIV was a buzz word.) Since there was a lot of cum flowing down their legs.

I learned that these parties are held usually once or twice a month at someone’s home and that there had never been a problem with anyone that attended since they were always a friend of some one who was attending also.

Well the women started to come back from the bathroom so things started to turn back towards the sexual activities. Again my wife and I just watched what was going on and had our own little party in a room flowing with sexuality, moans and groans. We noticed that some of the couples where now getting together with another couple to have fun. As the guys were spooning their partner for the evening and sliding their cocks into very wet pussies the two women were doing their own thing as well. They were kissing and sucking tits and rubbing the others body all over. My wife said watching the two women doing that was turning her on so I had better get busy doing my job or she would fined someone to do it for me. Well since I had a hard on also watching the action it did not take a second comment to get me going.

Now one of my wife favorite positions is riding my cock facing me. So I laid down on the floor and she knew just what was going to happen. As she straddled me and slowly slid her warm pussy over my cock I felt like I was in heaven. The moaning and groaning was getting very loud and this was turning both of us on. She continued to ride me harder and harder as she played with her breasts. She was also looking around everywhere as there was so much action going on. I had never felt her turned on this much and enjoyed it tremendously. The down side of being turned on so much is that I was quickly coming to the point of no return. I looked up at her and could see in her face that she was also approaching that point. With a couple of quick thrust we both came very hard. She was in another world for what seemed like an eternity. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled at me saying that was one of the best rides she had ever experienced. We stayed like that for a little neither one of us wanting to be the first to break the spell. In end we both new we had to clean up so we separated and walked together to the bathroom. Which we made co-ed for the time we were there. After had cleaned each other up we decided that we had best leave the party. We came out of the bathroom we noticed that some others were also getting ready to leave.

We said our goodbye’s to everyone and made our way home. We were both very tired so we just went to bed and spooned.

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#1 Burt 2012-05-20 12:42
This is a wonderful story! I felt the same way with my first swapping experience, it was hard for me to play with anyone elso but my girlfriend. it was a huge turn on to see the others involved in so much sex though. Makes me wish for the good old days when you could see cum dripping down all those legs. Thanks for sharing this experience!

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