Our First House Party - Part 2

A Sticky Night of Juicy Fun

E, the guy who swapped eyeglasses with me at the last meet and greet was the host of this party. He has a two-bedroom condo, very nicely decorated and modern. There was such a spread of food on the kitchen table, there was no room for the cheesecake I brought. It was enjoyed later by a few.


I was wearing my purple sundress with nothing underneath. Somebody mentioned a fifteen minute rule, that every fifteen minutes everyone was supposed to remove an article of clothing. I was concerned because I only had one article of clothing on! I managed to get away with not taking my clothes off for awhile when S, the single girl I’ve had my eyes on, knelt at my feet and said I had to take off my dress. I told her it was all I had on so she took off my shoes. I told her that I had brought a couple lingerie items and she asked to see them. My long black halter she said covered too much, so we opted for the black lace baby doll. She helped me slip off my dress and right away started complimenting me on my body and stroking me. She moved me into a sitting position and spread my legs and started giving me oral sex. It was one of many dreams come true!


I put on my black lace baby doll and sheer g-string and was ready to party. S and G showed up late, having had a flat tire on the way there. S had picked up a cute camisole and lace panties from Frederick’s and was looking hot. It wasn’t too long before she asked to go down on me. I was happy to oblige! S is very delicate with her tongue and I usually don’t come for her, but she stopped after awhile and asked if I could suggest anything different she could do. I told her, she did it, and I came — even ejaculated, leaving a wet spot on the couch.

There were more than a dozen people at the party in all. For awhile nearly half of them were on E’s bed in a big pile, naked bodies all over the bed and plenty of noises. I watched from the door, then Jude went in and was stroking S’s back. A guy came up to me, I can’t remember his name, and chatted with me a little and then asked if I wanted to go play. Without thinking, I said yes, and shortly after that we were making out in E’s spare bedroom. There wasn’t anyone else in the room and I realized I really wanted to be near Jude, so I stopped him, saying I was uncomfortable. I wish I had said no in the first place. I’ll be better at it next time.

Later in the evening, E decided to finger paint S with chocolate sauce and other dipping sauces. Then he laid her down and started licking it off. They were really enjoying themselves and it looked like fun. They stopped briefly and I said hey you missed a spot and S said well come over and help. So I did. It was the first time I played with food that way and it was really fun licking the chocolate off of S. So when an encore was encouraged, I quickly slipped out of my baby doll and panties and said me too!Swingers

We laid head to toe holding hands while Jude and other people started painting us. It was very erotic and became so stimulating when people started to lick off the chocolate. Every now and then, someone would kiss me with their mouth still tasting like chocolate. Yum! Cameras came out and someone said anyone mind if we take pictures and I said go for it and somebody else warned, if you don’t want your picture taken, get out of the shot!

A girl with a southern accent, I’m sorry to say I don’t remember her name either, started fingering my clit while people licked the chocolate off me. She asked if I could squirt and I said yes and she said but not easily? and I said yes. Then before I knew it, she was making me squirt over and over again. It seemed to be a real crowd pleaser, so she kept doing it. I was pretty quiet but she was making a lot of noise, enough for both of us!

Things settled down for awhile and S and I went off to take a shower together. It felt nice to be fresh and clean after all that chocolate. I thought we would mess around a little but it seemed we were both exhausted from the chocolate-fest, so we didn’t do more than kiss a little.

It was after midnight by then, and some people were starting to leave. S and G asked if we wanted to swap with them and we said sure and we headed into E’s room. It was empty, so we got going at it. Not long after E and S came in and started messing around too. E’s face was in S’s pussy more than once when guests came in to say their goodbyes. It was pretty funny.

When we were done, most people had left, so we chatted for awhile and left too. What a great time!


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