FINALLY - A true story about sleeping with a friend

J tells of how he played with a long-time female friend while his wife watches and plays with some men beside him.

I thought I’d contribute to your erotic story collection from fans…

This is a true story that happened a few weekends ago.

It's Friday. I get back from lunch and I'm in my office when I notice that I have a voice mail message waiting for me. I pick up the phone, dial into my messages, and am listening to my wife's oldest friend (S). She's desperately needing a call back, it sounds like an emergency of some sort. "J, please, PLEAAAAASSSSSEEEE call me back or have P(my wife) call me, I need to talk to you as soon as possible. PLEASE!"

Before I get a chance to call, I get a phone call from P and I ask her if she called S. She says, "Yes, I did… why?"

"I got a voice mail from her."

"omg, what did she say!"

"uhhhh, nothing, just that she desperately needed a call back…"

"hehehee… she wants to know if we can go with her to a swing club. She is going to meet a guy there that she has been talking online with."

That, to me, is a wasted call. I reminded P that there is no reason to call me to ask if I want to go to a swing club. She can just assume it's a "yes."

So, Friday night rolls around and we go up to my S's house. She's still getting ready, and we're helping her out. There's light talk about any activity between the three of us, but, since we'd been platonic friends for over 10 years, it was a little uncomfortable. We'd never breached that topic before, even though we both all know that we have been involved in some very interesting sexual situations.

Doorbell rings.

Another wild friend shows up (L). It seems she needed more backup than we thought. L comes up and helps some more with the "getting ready" scene. She's cute as HELL. Small little thing with amazing breasts, barely held back by a cute little strapless top. Just amazing. What's more amazing, I'm the only guy bringing three hot girls to a swing club. I'll be showing up as SUCH the man, even though, I'm really not that much of the man. But, whatever, this should be fun.

We get to the club and the place is filled. Lots of single guys, and a few girls, a little larger than we would be interested in unfortunately. I brought the three best girls in the place. So, S found her hookup, my wife found some guys to play with, and L with her amazing boobs hangs out with me near the pool table, as I have no plans to hook up with anyone in the place that I didn't bring with me. L and I talk for a little while. She's married I find out, and she's trying to be a good girl. She's here for moral support only, but wouldn't mind watching. (damn, I wanted to see her nude pretty bad. Oh well.)

Some time passes, my wife, still in the throes of new sex, and S comes down from her encounter with the new guy. She approaches me with a mysterious look in her eye, and with unusually shy body language. S is the type of girl that you normally will ALWAYS know how she feels, very available emotionally. She says that she had a pretty good time, but, wanted to know if I'd be interested in a little tour of the facilities. Which, is code word for, "wanna fuck?"

I ask, "are you sure?"

"absolutely"… nervously…

"ok then… let's go!"

Up the stairs we go, and into a private room we went. We meet up with my wife and her two new friends and S begins taking her clothes off. I tell her to stop right there, that I will finish what she started. She's a little shocked. She's also the kind of girl who is tough on the outside, but this time, also nervous on the inside. She's animated and strong, but, tonight she's a little worried, and she's about to get crazy with someone she's known for over a decade. She submits to my demands and I tell her to come stand on the bed. My wife, meanwhile, is getting penetrated from both ends. Her boys are VERY busy telling her how hot she is and how naughty she is. Very cute scene. I get my shoes and socks off, and I come over to S who's waiting patiently for me, feeling quite vulnerable I assume. I start to slowly remove her clothing, whispering in her ear how beautiful she is and how I can't believe after all this time that I am finally getting a chance to be with her. I pull her shirt over her head, and release her breasts from her bra. She's half Korean, and has a delicious light brown tint to her amazingly soft skin. Her hair, long and black, falls down from her shirt. I pull her pants off and tell her to lay down on the bed.

I remove my own clothes, and pull my hair out of my hair tie. I have very long curly black hair and I use it to tickle her nude body. I move up and down her, dragging my hair over her skin, and alternate kissing her and kissing her tummy. She's wide eyed. She probably can't believe this is about to happen. I start kissing her legs, paying some attention to the tender places behind her knee, and the inner thigh and all around where the leg meets the hip. She's squirming under my touch and I slowly work my way to her cute pussy. She's complained in the past about her "dumbo ears" down below and such… but, she's obviously not seen a lot of vaginas in her life. Her pussy was very cute, petite even, and clean shaven. I start slowly licking up and down the sides of her pussy, slowly closing in around her clit. She's sopping wet. Though, I know I'm not the only one who's made her that way. Thankfully, she spent some time in a Jacuzzi after visiting her first encounter… so, I'm guessing her excitement has come from both me and the wild noises my wife is making with her friends.

I lick, long strokes up and down her pussy, circling around her clit as I reach the top. She moans, even says my name. So, I start sucking her into my mouth. Little spasms go through her, she arches her back and grabs my head, pushing me down onto her harder. My initial thoughts were that the spasms might be pain, that I'm doing too much too fast. But, instead, I realize that she's slowly building to an orgasm already. So, I take my time. Though she's pushing me down, I'm pulling back to keep from giving her too much too soon. I enjoy licking her too much to let it be over with too soon. Her spasms get more frequent, and her body squirms more desperately. She pushes my head down hard and arches her back and begins really grinding into me. So, I suck her clit into my mouth deeper and graze it harder with my tongue piercing. That seemed to put her over the edge and she's screaming and vibrating against my mouth. I absolutely LOVE this moment, when she's desperate for me and opens herself up to me enough to cum like this. I continue sucking gently on her as she slowly comes down from her orgasm until it looks like she's almost fallen asleep.

I wipe off my face on the sheet, and crawl up her body, condom already on and I slowly slide into her. She gasps a little and I just stop there. I revel in the moment of being inside of her, this oldest friend of ours and smile, and giggle a little. She's curious why I’m giggling and I tell her. She smiles, and I start to slowly rock back and forth in and out of her as we watch my wife getting ravished by two hungry men.

Suddenly, it's closing time. I'm forced to stop and we all get up to get dressed. I never did finish with S that night.

Which, I think made this last weekend so exciting. My wife, on the phone, discussing plans for the weekend at the Hyatt, says to S, "J said he's far from finished with you…" and she replied, "REALLY? He had fun?"

"Oh yes, he said you were the highlight of his night, and that he's VERY excited about seeing you again this weekend."

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