Lights Out!

Hubby and I were invited to a party with some friends in a suite at their hotel. We knew all of the 3 other couples but we had only ever played with the hosts of the party. (Blaine and Ditra).

It was kinda weird but sexy sitting on the edge of the bed and wondering who would make the first move. And then, suddenly the lights went out. The room was totally dark and I could hear giggles and nervous excitement all around me.

I felt my husbands hands start to lift my shirt over my head while someone else tugged on my panties. I laid down on the bed and felt another set of hands fumbling for my breasts.

Swinger Story BedUnbeknownst to me or my husband, the hosting man Blaine (who is a stage and lighting guy in his job) had killed the hotel lights and set up strobe lights all around the hotel room. The strobes began to flicker on and off and everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. A set of hands touched my breasts. Blink. A smiling set of lips pulled my nipples into her mouth. Blink. A gorgeous cock was inches from my mouth. Blink. A smiling man had my panties off and was going down on me. Blink. He wasn't there anymore. Blink. Now he's back with another woman and they are both going down on me. Blink.

I lost track of time. Was I there for ten minutes or an hour? What jarred me out of my sexual stupor was a powerful gust of wind. For a second, I thought someone must have opened a window. I peeked over the side of the bed to watch muscular hands place a large industrial fan near the edge of the bed. Gust! Wind ripped across the bed sending the sheets to the floor and my skirt onto my belly.

A woman with long dark hair unfastened my skirt and tossed it aside. She moved back between my legs. The fan was blowing things everywhere. Her hair slapped at my stomach so wildly that it almost seemed like she was using a whip on me. Someone moved in front of the fan. Her hair stopped moving but gently fell and spread out over my tummy. It was an erotic sight to see her hair inching its way over the tops of my breasts. Snap! The person moved aside and the wind came again. Her hair flew wildly above her shoulders and she stopped for a split second to give me a breathless smile. She moved her head back down between my legs and her hair began to beat, slap and tickle my breasts.

Swinger Story GroupShe had me squirming, out of breath and grabbing the sheets in mere minutes. I arched my back and moved my arm out to balance myself. When I moved my hand across the bed, I brushed against a man's thigh and felt across his body for his cock. My head was turned but I could feel a set of lips start to suck my fingers. Someone was sucking him. Her lips carried my fingers over to the cock she was sucking. I began to stroke him while her lips swallowed him.

Then, in the same way she had carried my fingers over to his cock, she lifted him by the penis and led him into my mouth. I shared kisses with her then nuzzled his balls and licked my way up the shaft and back to her warm, moist lips. We were enjoying our kisses when the man suddenly let out a slight moan followed by a humorous giggle. At first I thought he was just having a good laugh at the incredible sights around us, but then I realized what was happening to him.

The wind from the fan was blowing across his cock. We had lathered him with our tongues so much that the wind was driving him mad! It sent tingles all over the wet parts of his body.

I could actually see the throbs pulsing from his cock. The woman asked if she could lay on top of me. "No" was NOT in my vocabulary on this night. She sat on my face and I began to lick her. I tried to go up on her with the same rhythm and sensational attention that I was getting on the other end of the bed. It was a gorgeous sight to look up at her pussy, past her breasts and onto the cock that was now entering her mouth.

I began to cum. My lips slipped away from her and I closed my eyes. Fingers inside me now. Hands all over my body. A set of lips flicking my clit. I'm connected. I feel it. Fingers on my clit now. A cock thrusts inside me. Blink! Another dick parts the pussy in front of my lips and I begin to suck his balls as he enters the girl on top of me.

The girl is fully on top of me and I feel her cum. She feels me coming with her. Our hearts are racing together. I hold her as hard as I can and bury my face into her neck. She kisses me hard. I don't even know where I am. I'm floating. I'm pleasured.

I came. Blink!

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