Two Redheads and Two Lucky Swinger Husbands

My first attempt at erotica. Fiction - but inspired by a true encounter experienced by my wife and me.

They were beautiful, the two of them – so alike and yet so different. Both redheads; complete with the personalities attributed to those so adorned. Fiery, passionate, intense and erotic - they personified the extremes of this archetype.

The one’s hair was long and straight. Dark auburn, an array of color shimmered under the light. Reddish-brown, crimson, and burgundy all swirled in a dance of color about her face. The other’s hair was of a lighter tint; Strawberries blended with honey. Her hair, shorter, held a symphony of curls and ringlets.

They shared a like ancestry. Genealogist would discover each a blend of German, Irish, and American Indian. However, each displayed different attributes of their forbearers. The first carried the high cheek-bones and skin tone of her Indian past. To gaze upon her was to invite imagery of deep forests, flowing rivers and verdant plains. The second drew deep from her Irish heritage; blue eyes and skin so fair, her only chance for a tan was for the freckles on her body to join into a single covering. Her scent carried the aroma of heath and moor. Lightening danced in her eyes as if to light Druidic rituals, fairy circles, and ancient stone monoliths.


They lay together naked; their bodies bare of any accessories, including the least tuft of pubic curl. Intertwined, they gazed at one another, whispering their desires. Gentle kisses explored the corners of the mouth and hollows of the throat while fingers roamed up and down bodies, exploring every fold and cleft of skin. Tongues entwined as the kisses become deeper, more intense.


Boldness grew with desire. They ventured further about one another’s bodies. Squeezing breasts, sucking nipples, playful slaps on bare butts, fingers searching between open thighs. The change in aggressiveness was apparent in their words. “Touch me there”, “Do that again”, and “that feels so good” transformed into “Suck my tits”, “lick my clit”, and “fuck my pussy.”

One woman lay on her back, legs spread wide, and eyes closed, as the other licked and sucked her pussy. The woman writhed and moaned, surrendered to the pleasure and novelty of being fucked by a member of the same gender. She arched her back and gasped as a slender finger probed; then gently entered the budded entrance of her ass. Rocking to the motion of fingers in her ass and pussy, combined with a hot-wet combination engulfing her clit, she felt hands exploring her breasts.

Their husbands knelt, one on either side of her. Their hands rubbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples. A mouth covered hers and she willingly opened her own and welcomed a second tongue. Eyes still closed, her hands roamed to either side. Naked flesh, legs bare and muscular met her grasp. Still deep into the kiss, she groped further and soon each hand had found, and encircled, an erect cock. She broke the kiss and moaned from the continued sensations originating from her pussy and ass.

She stroked each cock, but which was her husband’s? They felt the same; similar sizes, hard but smooth - the tips moist with pre-cum. She could look; just a quick peak to see. But, the thought was overturned as her clit absorbed another onslaught of sucking and licking.

The woman turned her head to one side, opened her mouth and gently pulled a cock toward her. The hardness entered her mouth as she closed her lips around it. She guided the erection back and forth. “Oh my God! I have a man’s penis in my mouth and I still don’t know whose it is!” A quick look that’s all she needed, but her eyes remained closed and her hips moved in concert with the woman lying between her legs; and stroked and sucked the hardness between her lips. She felt the cock tighten and release its load into her mouth. Greedily she swallowed, sucked, and swallowed again, as hot ejaculate landed deep into her throat.

Releasing the now drained penis, she thrust her hips forward and demanded: Harder! Faster! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! She turned her head and pulled the other man toward her. Again a pre-cum slicked hardness entered her mouth. All sensation intensified - she sucked and stroked the cock fucking her mouth. A second finger entered her and she could hear the sound as they pushed deep inside of her soaked pussy. Her clit was alternately sucked and licked, and the finger in her ass, now well lubricated from the wetness flowing from between her thighs, was rapidly thrusting in and out of her.

The pressure increased between her legs, signally her approaching orgasm. She lifted her feet into the air to invite deeper invasion into her dripping cunt. The finger was removed from her ass; and she gasped at the sharp sting from a slap on her bare butt-cheek; followed by another; and another.

It was close - so close; she was cumming. The cock in her mouth tightened and thrust so deeply into her mouth she could feel the man’s balls bounce against her chin.

As a second load of cum shot into her throat, her own body surrendered to the pressure as her orgasm broke free. Removing her mouth from the still spurting hardness, she released a series of moans as her body convulsed in pleasure. Once – twice – she came so many times she didn’t try to count. But, simply rode the waves of pleasure as they crested, rolled, and slowly ebbed.

The woman opened her eyes. She looked up into the smiling face of her friend – her lover. The second woman leaned down and kissed her. The woman could taste herself in her friend’s mouth and giggled as the other woman licked the remnants of cum, splashed upon her face and breasts.

“That was so much fun” said the second woman. “And, you are adorable when you cum.”

The woman reached up and ran her hands along her friend’s back and cupped her ass cheeks.

“That WAS fun; and now…” she said, slapping her new lover playfully on the ass, “it’s your turn.”


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