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Episode 117 - Nude Beach, HOT Tub, Sex!

Sometimes you need a nice hot tub and a foursome after a long walk at the nude beach. ;-)

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Check out the interview of Bob from Average Swingers.  

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#1 Jessica 2016-04-26 17:32
Hi john and Allie!
Not sure if you are going to get the chance to read this but I hope you do. I'm am fresh meat and new to this life style. My BF and I have talked about threesomes for years but it just never happens. I made up my mind and even created an online profile. I want to surprise him with another woman and fulfil our fantasies but maybe I'm doing this wrong. I can't seem to get a woman. I've only tried thru online sites and all of our friends are very vanilla. How do I find this woman?!? :sad: :oops: any advise?

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