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Episode 101 - Swinging 101

A collection of tips and stories from our 10+ years of swinging in the Lifestyle.

Topics include: How to talk to your partner about swinging, body image, grooming, STD's, and a myriad of other discussions most couples want to have when they are starting out.

Sites mentioned on the Show:

Swingers Board - a free Swingers Community.
Los Swingers - English and Spanish Swinging Podcast.
New Horizons - A Seattle Swing Club.

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#1 Garry 2014-03-14 00:50
Wow, just found your podcast, pity we in Scotland and so far away, you guys just sound so hot and fucking awesome.

We have played soft a few times before, but have recently been busy having our family etc, it's been so long since we had 'fun with others' but now, I want us to do more, and I want her to have full sex in a MFM, hows the best way to approach it? As all our priorities are about the kids etc now.

Would be interested in your advice
#2 john 2014-03-14 10:01
Thanks for the kind words about the show. Has she listened yet? Might be an icebreaker.....
#3 Steve 2014-12-30 12:50
Hi John and Allie… did you guys take a break?…. :cry: ? We have been waiting for more of your podcast! Me and the Mrs. Had just into the lifestyle! And love every bit of it!….We do MFM!..we are both straight! And we listen to everyone of your podcast!… We miss you guys!...please come back soon!

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